Where can you get gluten-free food in Toronto? With the demand for gluten-free food in Toronto for those with Celiac Disease or any sensitivities and intolerances to gluten growing, the number of restaurants and grocery stores that accommodate these dietary needs are also growing. Gluten-free food in Toronto is becoming more and more the norm.


ActivEats offers a menu line that is completely free of gluten and even dairy for all the Toronto diners who want to eat healthy or pursue fitness goals and require a diet that complements these goals. Meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking for gluten-free diners in Toronto – covered by ActivEats! We bring the gluten-free food to your door. For all other times when you want to eat out and need to know where in Toronto to get gluten-free food, check out our list below.


This list below tells you where to get gluten-free food in Toronto.

Where to Get Gluten-Free Food in Toronto: Restaurants

Kupfert and Kim – Enjoy smoothies, smoothie bowls, lunch and dinner entrees, and even all day breakfast at Kupfert and Kim. Everything served at their restaurant are made from plants and naturally gluten-free ingredients. Items that are not naturally gluten-free, Kupfert and Kim specifically source items that are certified to have less than 20ppm. Because restaurants cannot be certified gluten-free yet, they can only ensure that the products they bring into the restaurant are certified gluten-free. Even their oats are gluten-free!


Aside from serving gluten-free food Kupfert and Kim restaurants are committed to serving fresh and whole foods. Fresh produce arrives every morning and prepared at each of their six Toronto locations. This Toronto spot’s gluten-free food provides a balance of protein, carbs, fat, and vitamins and minerals. For produce that are known to have a significant negative environmental impact such as strawberries, soy, spinach, and more, they order only organic supply. They also reuse and compost their food waste, reinforcing their commitment to health not just for people but for its planet too.


If you’re looking for gluten-free food in Toronto, Kupfert and Kim is a vegan restaurant with several locations across Toronto.


Fresh Restaurants – With a gluten allergy friendly menu available in addition to its main menu, it’s clear that Fresh Restaurants cater to the needs of anyone following a gluten-free diet. With locations across Toronto, it’s easy to answer the question where to get gluten-free food when Fresh Restaurant is nearby. There are fruit smoothies, green smoothies, power shakes, green juices, immune elixirs, superfood milkshakes, tonics, unwraps, tacos, smoothie bowls, salads, fresh bowls, and more for anyone looking to get gluten-free food in Toronto. All items on their gluten allergy friendly menu are made with gluten-free ingredients. However, as is the case in many gluten-free restaurants, there is always risk of cross-contamination because Fresh offers meals that are not gluten-free. Surfaces and equipment that have touched gluten may also touch gluten allergy friendly menu items.


Urban Herbivore – Enjoy gluten-free fresh bowls, baked goods, at Urban Herbivore. Although they are not certified as a gluten-free spot where cross-contamination is possible, Urban Herbivore locations do offer gluten-free meals made without gluten. Offer a mostly plant based diet to curb emissions, they take pride in making their food from scratch to offer Toronto gluten-free food that still tastes great and offers quality ingredients without preservatives or additives. They also serve free tap water to save from water bottle consumption. From their gluten-free Beluga fresh bowl to their gluten-free Rhino fresh bowl, it’s easy to see that Urban Herbivore is one of Toronto’s staple restaurant for gluten-free food.


Arepa Café – Gluten-free meals with a Venezuelan twist are available at this ethnic restaurant.  Choose between chicken, beef, pork, fish and seafood, no meat, or only cheese for your arepas. Need more freedom and options when you search for gluten-free food? Choose from their selection of ingredients and build your own gluten-free meal. With proteins varying from flat iron steak and cod fish picadillo to black beans and chorizo; carbs from caramelized onions, coleslaw, beets, quinoa salad, rice, and more; greens like watercress, avocado, and more; and cheese, your gluten-free meal is sure to be delicious and still free of allergens.


Where to Get Gluten-Free Food in Toronto: Grocery Stores

Goodbye Gluten – The name alone tells you exactly the mission of this bakery/kitchen/grocery is. If you’re wondering where to get gluten-free food in Toronto, this gluten-free haven on Avenue Road in Toronto can be your first stop. They offer gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, egg free, soy free, sesame free, salt free, vegan, vegetarian, organic and paleo selections. Because they only bring in certified gluten-free items, they guarantee that there is no possibility of cross-contamination. Even their baked goods are made homestyle by their in-house chef and baker, without gluten ingredients. Their grocery shelves include gluten-free bagels, buns, thins; breads; cake and muffin mixes; cereals; dairy free cheese; cookies and crackers; croutons and bread crumbs; flour; pancake mix; pasta; nut butters; salad dressing; sauces; snacks; vegan egg and tempeh; waffles and sausages; and wraps. To reap the benefits of going gluten-free (aside from the need by medical reasons) such as weight loss, reduced bloating, fewer headaches, improved energy, clearer skin, and less fatigue, find Goodbye Gluten in Toronto for all your gluten-free food needs.


Sunshine Wholesome Market – A juice bar and community shop that offers whole food choices, this College Street market specializes in organic and gluten-free products. They also provide a selection of gourmet fresh sandwiches that use organic ingredients and condiments along with Ontario local meats. Their juice bar includes organic juices and organic superfood smoothies; they even have kid friendly choices and an acai bowl. Their menu of standard sandwiches and wraps are also made gluten-free and with organic ingredients. If you’re looking for a market with kitchen that offers gluten-free food in Toronto, look no further than Sunshine Wholesome Market, where their offerings are sure to brighten your day and energize you!


Popbox Micro Market – Micro in name, big on offerings. If you’re asking where to get gluten-free food in Toronto, look no further than Popbox Micro Market in Toronto’s Dovercourt neighborhood. Offering hot teas and coffees; coldbrew; kombucha; cold press juices; fresh salads; fresh sandwiches; fresh pastries; organic meats; frozen desserts; healthy snacks; artisanal chocolates; artisanal saods; organic, raw, vegan, paleo, and gluten-free options, Popbox Micro Market offers an alternative to the usual corner store. Whereas traditionally, convenience food have been stocked with junk food, Popbox Micro Market serves wholesome snacks. From grass fed dairy products, gourmet chocolates, to a boutique café service, any Torontonians looking for where to get gluten-free food will enjoy this little spot.


Where to Get Gluten-Free Food: Pre-cooked Meal Home Delivery

ActivEats – For those days when you don’t want to step out of the house or your office, how can you ensure that you’ll enjoy gluten-free food for lunch or any other mealtime? ActivEats is a healthy food delivery service that designs meal plans, cooks, and delivers never-frozen meals to your door. Place an order by midnight on the Monday preceding the Sunday delivery date to get a week’s worth of meals. Enjoy five or seven days of lunches and dinners – breakfast is optional. Made without gluten or dairy though not in a dedicated gluten-free facility, ActivEats provides healthy, balanced meals that will help you see tangible results of your fitness routine and/or overall active lifestyle.

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