Every year in Toronto, approximately 40,000 people gather in early September at the Harbourfront Centre for the Veg Food Fest. A three-day festival that brings together vendors, workshops, speakers, music and thousands of delicious vegetarian dishes. It’s hosted by the Toronto Vegetarian Association and has been a staple of the local vegetarian community since 1985.  Beginning with a group of 500 people at George Brown College (in the Kensington Campus) and expanding to 40,000 at Harbourfront, the festival is great for new products to be launched, new businesses to find an audience and a great way to bring together the vegetarian community.

Of course at the heart of the Veg Food Fest is the food, and there’s no better place to enjoy the latest and greatest in local vegetarian cuisine.  With well over 100 vendors available, you’ll find so much good to enjoy and inspiration for your own cooking later. You’ll find vegetarian pizza, donuts, baking, Indian cuisine, desserts, smoothies, sauces, spices, oils and more! Whether you just want to taste new foods, learn new recipes or take home organic, raw and delicious vegetarian food and ingredients, you can find far more than you can experience at Veg Food Fest.

Each year the Veg Food Fest attracts about 140 different vendors, each bringing their own varying contributions. Some bring food to eat, some bring ingredients and products to take home, you’ll find clothing lines, health products, non-profit charities, bakeries, exercise and yoga/meditation and more! There’s something for everyone, with like-minded people and companies that you can learn from and become a patron of.

Many of the vendors you’ll find will offer different workshops to show off their products and educate you on new techniques, recipes and more! Food workshops can show you new and innovative ways to cook with vegetarians and vegans in mind, providing new cooking techniques, showing you replacements for non-vegan/vegetarian foods and new ways to bring the best out of your favourites. You’ll find workshops that can teach you what is and isn’t vegan or vegetarian, going beyond the basic information to explore more. You’ll find new workouts and ways to live a clean and healthy life. There are so many other workshops available to show you how to take full advantage of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, including food, clothing, household cleaning and more!

There are also various speakers available, including experts in nutrition, health and wellness, plant-based living, chefs and more! You’ll also find leading international animal advocates, best-selling cookbook authors, award-winning documentarians and so many others! Everyone we bring shares knowledge and lessons on living a plant-based life, has many experiences and stories to share, and can tell you how a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can benefit you!

Along with the vendors, speakers and food, there is tons of music to enjoy, bringing a fun and exciting atmosphere. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or veg-curious, Veg Fest Toronto is perfect for you! There is so much to learn, discover and enjoy when you come to Veg Fest Toronto.

A big benefit of the festival is also the social aspect, as you’ll find 40,000 people around you who share at least one major similarity, a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. You can make new friends, meet like-minded people and discover new things. With a stigma around vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, events and festivals like Veg Fest Toronto will open you up to new experiences and remind you that you aren’t the only one.

Veg Food Fest 2018 certainly was not the last, and the dates are already set for 35th annual Veg Food Fest from September 6th, 2019 to September 8th, 2019. Once again at the Harbourfront Centre, you can join about 40,000 people, with entirely free admission, for food, fun and everything apart of the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

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