In the fitness world, you’ll find a variety of different events that bring people together for competition and the love of physical activity. Over the years obstacle courses, in various forms, have continued to grow in popularity as new and unique races and classes continue to come up.  There are a plethora of different races around the world, especially within the United States in Canada. In Toronto, there is no shortage of events throughout the year, and in this guide, we’ll take explore 12 of them, tell you what they’re all about and how Activeats can help ensure you have the proper nutrition every day to get in or stay in shape for these events.


1. Tough Mudder 2019 – Sept 14/15

One of the most popular mud runs in Toronto is the Tough Mudder Toronto, where every Fall hundreds of athletes (of various experience) come together for an intense and fun obstacle course that will test your endurance, fitness and will to go on. They have multiple types of events including the Tough Mudder 5K, the Tough Mudder Classic and the Mini Mudder.

The Tough Mudder 5K brings together 13 world-class obstacles, over 3 miles and challenges you to test your limits. There’s no time limit so that you can go at your own pace, within a group of like-minded and dedicated people.

The Tough Mudder Classic is the ultimate test, 25 obstacles across 8-10 miles. In the Tough Mudder Classic, you won’t just test your limits; you’ll push beyond and have to find something deep within you never knew existed to finish.

The Mini Mudder is a 1//4 mile race with ten obstacles for fun-loving and enthusiastic kids, and the perfect way for the whole family to be tough mudders.

There are more events, including the Toughest Mudder, World’s Toughest Mudder and the Tough Mudder X, and each tough mudder weekend brings the Mudder Village Festival, a celebration of the mudder lifestyle. You’ll meet new people, make friends, enjoy music, eat delicious local food and celebrate everything it means to be a tough mudder.


2. Ontario Canada Polar Rush – March 2

The Ontario Polar Rush is a 5K course with a dozen obstacles that take place up at Horseshoe Resort. It’s available for anyone age 10 and up, runs all day and features an after party with delicious BBQ, drinks, bonfires and more! The Polar Rush is for everyone, whether you’re an athlete or not, and is designed for fun physical activity and to promote a sense of community.

The average time for completion of the race is between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on your fitness level and the speed you go at. There’s so much to do at Horseshoe Resort, and it’s always a good time when you join an excellent obstacle course in Toronto, the Ontario Canada Polar Rush!


3. Muddy Grape Endurance – May 25

A very popular mud run in Toronto is the Muddy Grape Endurance Run, held every in the Spring, individuals or teams can sign up for a competitive timed race, or a more relaxed race just for fun to enjoy a tough, limit-pushing race that tests endurance and athleticism.

One of the best parts of the Muddy Grape Endurance Run is that it a very charitable event, as all potential racers must fundraise a minimum of $60 before being allowed to participate. 100% of the money raised goes to the Special Olympics Ontario, combining fun and athletics with charity.


4. Rugged Maniac – June 1

Rugged Maniac is another popular obstacle course in Toronto, and is a 5K course that sets itself apart by featuring 25 obstacles in that span, which is amongst the most for the more popular 5K races. Rugged Maniac features daring obstacles like fire jumps, water slides, trampolines and underground tunnels, testing your courage, ability and giving you the feeling of a being a kid on the playground again.

Rugged Maniac doesn’t just start or end with the race, as you’ll find it’s a day-long festival that brings thousands of people, with similar interests, together in a big party. There’s more beer than you know what to do with, loud music, a mechanical bull, eating contests, dancing with a DH and more! It’s the perfect environment to party with your friends, meet new people and compete in an exciting and challenging obstacle course.

Additionally, you’ll find them actively fundraising for charity, as they raise thousands of dollars for the American Cancer Society as well. They travel all across the United States and Canada, and you won’t want to miss it when this obstacle course comes back to Toronto.


5. July 27 5K Foam Fest

The 5K Foam Fest is a unique and fun obstacle course in Toronto, that differentiates itself by having many water and foam based obstacles featured in its 5K course. You’ll start in foam, end in foam and find a variety of different obstacles including hurdles, lily pads, a mega slide, wall climbs, muddy crawls and more!

The water-based obstacles are only ever a few feet deep, so swimming isn’t particularly required, but if there’s anything you’re ever uncomfortable with you can go around them with help from the staff as all obstacles are optional. Children age 8-12 must run with an adult, while 13 and above can run on their own.

Like many of the other races, Foam Fest is partnered with a charity, teaming up with Make-a-Wish Canada to help raise money for a great cause.


6. Spartan Race – June

Spartan Race hosts over 200 events each year, in over 40 countries around the world, offer races for children, casual racers and elite athletes. They offer obstacle courses, trail runs, extreme endurance challenges, and more. You can compete Individually, in teams and for the most competitive, they hold Spartan Championships, where competitors who have dominated around the world can compete against the best of the best.


7. Mudmoiselle – July

Mudmoiselle Is a 5K obstacle-based mud run held by the Canadian Cancer Society that aims to raise money for cancer research. It’s an event held exclusively for women and welcomes women of all fitness and experience levels. It’s a supportive and fun event that Is about testing yourself, joining together and ultimately raising money for a great cause.  Mudmoiselle $150 minimum donation to participate, though more is always encouraged! It’s the perfect way for women to have fun, challenge themselves and support the fight against cancer!


8. Mud Hero – August

Mud Hero is a mud-based obstacle course that has been specially designed and crafted for the ultimate muddy experience. Your adrenaline will reach new heights, and your limits will be tested.  You and other Heroes will race, push each other forward and most importantly have muddy athletic fun. Once you’ve finished, you can take in the Mud Bash, which includes a barbecue, drinks, live music and so much more! Mud Hero proudly totes that it’s the largest All-Canadian mud obstacle event series.


9. Brave T.O

Brave T.O. is a race held by Canadian Tire that tests your full athletic range as you’ll take on obstacles like rope climbing, carrying hoses and stretcher pushing. These obstacles all resemble everyday activities that heroes like firefighters, police officers and medical professionals take on regularly. You’ll take on a 1K, 3K or 5K obstacle course in Morningside Park, that are designed to make you feel like a first responder, but without the stress and all the fun! No matter your fitness level, this event is for you, as it’s all about fun, community and charity. By participating, you’re helping to raise funds for the Scarborough and Rouge Hospital, and everyone can complete the race! If there’s an obstacle you can’t finish, all you have to do is ten burpees, and you can move on!


10. War Horse Warrior Challenge

Hosted by the Canadian Cancer Society, the War Horse Warrior Challenge is 217 acres of rolling hills, wetlands and dense bushes, providing a tough, challenging course that will test you both mentally and physically. Families will run this 5K course, overcoming the most harrowing obstacles, while getting muddier and dirtier than they’ve ever been. Whether you’re running on your own, or as a team, you can test your limits, find the courage within and support the fight against cancer all in one. The money you pay to enter goes towards cancer research, providing a fun, athletic and rewarding day.


For those who want to compete in these events seriously, training is a key, and a big part of that training is your nutrition. Also, that’s where Activeats comes in, as we provide the easiest way to get healthy, nutritious and delicious meals delivered to your door in Toronto and the GTA! Our meals are cooked fresh and delivered to you, with a vegan and gluten free base.

With full nutritional information available on our website, you can pick all the perfect meals for you, and all you have to do is heat them. This makes it easy knowing you not only are saving time on cooking, but your nutrition is taken care of, letting you focus on the physical training to ensure on race day you’re in optimal shape to take on the toughest of mud obstacle courses in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

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