Like many major multicultural cities, Toronto has a Chinatown. Even outside of Chinatown, Toronto is teeming with Chinese restaurants! General Tso chicken, sweet and sour balls, dumplings – these are just some “whitewashed” and authentic staples of a Chinese restaurant. If you’re a vegan looking for these staple Chinese dishes, you might be wondering “where’s the best vegan Chinese restaurant in Toronto?”

ActivEats is not quite a restaurant, but we do include ethnic flavours to our menu that we deliver to your door. You won’t have to search for the best Vegan Chinese restaurant in Toronto is when you’re enjoying vegan Asian cuisine in your own home. Enjoy our vegan General Tso with Cauliflower, Tofu Pad Thai, and even our Teriyaki Tempeh with Soba Noodles – all from our Vegan Menu 1. The Vegan Menu 2 boasts our Thai Green Curry. Enjoy vegan Chinese, Thai, and Japanese flavours at your dining table!

Still, you might be looking for where to go for the best Vegan Chinese in Toronto for some sit-down or takeout dining. There are many Chinese restaurants that offer vegan menu items. If you’re looking for a dedicated Vegan menu in Toronto’s Chinatown, we know two restaurants that might be perfect for you.

Buddha’s and Greens are two of the best and most well-known Vegan Chinese restaurants in Toronto.

Best Vegan Chinese Restaurants in Toronto

Buddha’s Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant in Toronto

Buddha’s Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant is one of Toronto’s best Vegan Chinese restaurant. Hailed as one of Toronto’s earliest-established Chinese vegan restaurant, this Kensington Market spot has been open since 1991. Offering vegan Chinese food at affordable prices, they have been working to and fulfilling customers’ needs for vegan meals. From favourites like Hot and Sour Soup, Sweet Corn and Tofu Soup to Vegetarian Dumplings Soup, Buddha’s offers Vegan and vegetarian soups to warm you right up. Perfect for colder months, Buddha’s offers vegan Chinese soup starters or sides to Torontonians looking for delicious, hot soup.

Precede or pair your Vegan Chinese meals with appetizers, like assorted gluten and bean curd sheets; bean curd sheet imitating duck; veg spring rolls; soya rolls; deep-friend wonton wraps; deep fried taro roll; deep friend dumplings; deep fried tofu with spicy pepper salt; and even vegetarian sausages! You won’t miss out on any of your staple Chinese foods at this Vegan restaurant in Toronto.

Just like many other Chinese restaurants, Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant in Toronto has a wide selection of dishes. Try their Crispy Ginger Veggie Beef; Vegetarble Curry; Kung Pao Veggie Shrimp; Veggie Lamb Stew; Veggie Fishes on Iron Plate; Lemon Chicken (imitation); Deep Fried Yam Rolls with special sweet and sour sauce; and so much more! This Toronto vegan Chinese restaurant has over 80 vegetarian and vegan dishes on their menu.

Want to take home their delicious food? Buddha’s Vegan Restaurant retails frozen food. Get their veggie mock chicken, veggie mock fish, veggie mock ham, and imitation chicken ham to bring one of Toronto’s best vegan Chinese restaurant taste home.

Visit Toronto’s best Chinese vegan restaurant at 666 Dundas St. West in Toronto from 11-9 everyday, except Tuesdays. (They are closed on Tuesdays)

Greens Vegetarian Restaurant Toronto

Greens Vegetarian Restaurant in Toronto, despite its name, actually provides a selection of 70 vegan menu items. Enjoy your favourite Chinese appetizers, soups, deluxe vegetable dishes, fried noodles and rice, noodles in soup, rice combos, desserts and beverages at this Chinese vegan spot in Toronto.

Mango salad rolls pan fried bean curd sheets, seaweed salad, crisp soya fritters, deep fried sweet potato and boiled or pan-fried vegetable dumplings are just some of the appetizers available to start your mealtime without any meat or meat by-products at Greens vegan Chinese restaurant in Toronto.

This Toronto joint’s soup selection includes bamboo fungus, mushroom and tofu soup; wonton soup; sweet corn mock chicken soup among other staple Chinese soups.

Vegan Chinese veggie dishes are available at this Toronto restaurant. Stir fried seasonal vegetables with four kinds of mushrooms; braised oyster mushroom with snow pea tips; steamed whole pumpkin with garden mushrooms are just some of their deluxe vegan Chinese menu items. Truly making this one of the best vegan Chinese restaurants in Toronto, Greens Vegetarian offers mock beef with bitter melon; eggplant with tofu in black bean sauce; spicy ma po tofu; stir fried lotus root with asparagus; and many more. They even have Deep Fried King Mushroom with Pepper Salt and an assorted vegetables dish.

Fried Noodles and fried rice are definitely staples of a Chinese restaurant. And this Toronto vegan Chinese restaurant follows that rule. Crispy noodles with mixed vegetables; crispy noodles with mock duck and vegetables; fried rice noodles with garden mushrooms; fried rice enoodles with mock kidney in black bean sauce; Singapore style vermicelli; shanghai noodles with vegetables – your choices for the best Vegan Chinese fried rice and noodle dishes in Toronto are all here! Pad thai, Singapore style fried turnip cake; fried glass noodles with vegetables; spicy mock meat and Chinese mushroom strips with bean sprouts on fried noodles; and cold vermicelli with bean sprouts in soya sauce.

Their fried mock chicken with cashew nuts, stir fried mixed vegetables, spicy ma po bean curd, and assorted gluten and bean curd rice combos are some delicious top choices for this Toronto best vegan Chinese restaurant. Even their desserts selection is vegan. Offering coconut milk ice cream instead of the usual green tea ice cream made with cream, and deep fried banana with coconut milk ice cream makes this Toronto vegan Chinese restaurant one of the best meat- and meat byproduct-free vegan Chinese restaurants in Toronto.

Find Greens Vegetarian Restaurant at 638 Dundas St. West in Toronto from 11:30 to 9:30 Thursdays through Tuesdays.

These vegan Chinese restaurants are definitely go-to choices and the best of Toronto’s vegan Chinese restaurants.

Enjoy Vegan food and Ethnic Flavours like Chinese at home

These two restaurants are the perfect choice for vegans looking for Chinese food in Toronto. They are a couple of the best Chinese vegan restaurants Toronto has to offer. If you’re searching for options that will follow you home, ActivEats’ healthy food delivery service offers Asian flavours – from the Chinese restaurant staples like General Tso, to curry dishes. See the vegan menus for creative, no-repeat entrees for two weeks for flavourful meals that never get boring!

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