When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, there are two core foundational pieces that key, the first is a healthy diet and nutrition plan, and the second is consistent and regular exercise. While there are many ways to get that exercise, for many their preferred method is in the gym, but choosing the right one can be difficult.

With this guide we’ll list numerous gyms in Toronto and the GTA, so you can see which one interests you most and look into them further. Moreover, we’ll provide you with some advice on how to make it easy to maintain a healthy diet, along with a good workout plan, by using ActivEats.


Gym Chains

The largest fitness chain in Canada, with well over 300 locations across the country; making it easy to find a location near you if you in Toronto. Founded in London, Ontario in 1979, it has bought out several Canadian chains like Extreme Fitness and features several amenities in different locations such as 24/7 access, pools, basketball or squash courts and so much more.

An offshoot of Goodlife, featuring smaller and less feature-rich gyms to offer much lower membership rates.

A U.S. based gym that has expanded and opened a few locations in Canada, primarily in the Greater Toronto Area, and Ontario. It features many of the same amenities as Goodlife and has over 700 locations in the U.S. and Canada combined, an excellent option for those who find themselves travelling to the U.S. frequently.

A chain of gyms that have locations in over 30 countries, with the primary hook being every location is open 24-hours, so you know you can fit it into any schedule. For those who want to be able to work out at any time, and find themselves travelling quite a bit, Anytime Fitness may be their best option.

A smaller chain of gyms, which also features 24-7 locations in multiple countries around the world. It prides itself on creating community, and actively helping your fitness improvement with a heart rate monitoring and more.

With 1,600 locations in the United States, Canada, Panama and the Dominican Republic, Planet Fitness is one of the largest gym franchises, with a broad base of members. Planet Fitness prides itself on having no contracts on their memberships, a significant number of 24-7 locations, a plethora of equipment and even free fitness training.

One of the most well-known gym franchises, beginning at the famous “Muscle Beach” in Venice, CA. Its name is synonymous with fitness legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno and is one of the most beloved names if the fitness world.


Crossfit Gyms

A multi-floor gym in Ossington, providing a plethora of classes and equipment, along with personal training, that focuses on many core areas of Crossfit including HIIT, AMRAPs, barbells, kettlebells, free weights and more.

Located at Bayview and Leaside, CrossFit Toronto has a lot of space, equipment and offers memberships that offer free use of the gym, personal training, boot camps, multiple classes and more.

Smaller location, in the basement of an industrial building, and focuses on function and performance above all. There are no showers, no change rooms, and not a ton of big equipment. There are three coaches, all the functional equipment you’d need, and space.

Located in Liberty Village and branded by Reebok, this popular gym is great for people of all levels, offering four Foundation classes, regular classes and Burn classes for those who want to go the extra mile.

CrossFit 416 offers a variety of different classes and programs for people of varying needs and levels. They have beginner classes, private training and over physical therapy services as well.

A gym that emphasizes form and technique, offering a lot of space with smaller classes so that the coaches can provide more attention and focused instruction, helping everyone maximize their results with targeted and personalized coaching.

One of the largest CrossFit gyms in the city, boasting a 2,000 square foot facility that ranges three floors and has some of the best equipment available. For CrossFit purists, this is the perfect location.

Located on Danforth Avenue in Toronto and is one of the more barebones Crossfit gyms in the city. Showers, change rooms and extras are limited, it’s primarily focused on just getting the work done.


Luxury Gyms


A High-end fitness facility and spa that is designed to serve executives with a premier experience. Every aspect of fitness is covered, squash courts are available, and you can train with the most advanced equipment and some of the top trainers in Toronto. From start to finish, every aspect of the Cambridge Club is designed to feel luxurious and keep you motivated and coming back.

Equinox is a luxurious downtown Toronto fitness club that emphasizes modern design in a sleek and sophisticated facility. With windows all around you, you can take in a beautiful city view while you take classes in yoga, boxing, cycling, pilates, personal training or relax and refresh in the spa. Equinox has everything you could need and more!


Boutique Gyms

A unique approach to a gym, focusing on a specially crafted experience that is direct and targeted on fitness and particular goals. There isn’t an open gym that you can workout at, instead, there are different classes to take. It’s designed to create a communal environment that is encouraging, motivating and helps maximize your results.

Another unique fitness club in Toronto that takes a ballet barre-based approach, offering fun fitness classes that combine elements from fitness training, core conditioning, dance, yoga and pilates. The goal Is to help burn fat, build muscle, relieve stress and help you shape your body into the look you desire.

A program made by women, for women, that focuses on fun, fitness and an emphasis on building curves! They have studios In Toronto, Montreal, New York, Miami and several other cities. It brings together intense resistance training designed to help reshape the body and adds Intense cardio. With Hourglass Workout you’ll burn fat quickly, tone your body and synch your waist. Pilates techniques and a holistic health and nutrition base help round out the foundation of Hourglass Workout.

Core, endurance, cardio, balance, strength and flexibility are the foundation of the Studio Lagree program, building full body workouts for optimal function. Intense circuit training with 50-minute classes that test your limits and make you feel like you just went swimming is what you can expect. With a team of like-minded Individuals, you’ll find you can go beyond your expectations and find excellent results that help you craft the body you desire and become more flexible and athletic than you’ve ever been.


Gyms with Pools

A fitness centre at Bloor and Spadina with over 60 years of history and over two million patrons who have walked through their doors as it has become a staple in Toronto. They’ve built their facility around Jewish values while remaining inclusive and open to all. The MNJCC focuses on belonging and inclusion, modern excellence and health and wellness. MJNCC features cardio machines, strength training circuit machines, a Gravity studio, cycling and free weights, an indoor running track, group classes, instructors, nutritionists and personal trainers, a whirlpool, steam room sauna, pool and special programs like Krav Maga, boxing, rowing and more.

One of the most popular fitness and community centres in Toronto, with group classes, children’s programs, lifeguard courses, personal training, fitness leadership courses, swimming courses and open pool access. YMCA is trusted and offers many other services outside health and fitness. Located near the University of Toronto’s main campus, the Central YMCA is an excellent option for those looking for a gym with a pool.

A high-end downtown fitness centre targeting business elites and includes a fully stocked gym, staffed sports medicine clinic, pool for relaxing or intense training with decathlon trainers, squash and more. There’s a lounge, restaurant, wine cellar and more. Everything you need is available, whether you want to explore and enjoy on your own or with elite level trainers and experts.

GoodLife is included earlier on this list as one of the top gym chains available but is also a great option for those looking for a Toronto gym that includes a pool. While not every GoodLife location includes a pool, many do, and with membership plans available that includes access to every and anything location, it can be an excellent option for those who want pool access with their gym membership.

Just like GoodLife, LA Fitness was included on this list earlier, and several clubs have pools you can use. If you live near one of the locations with a pool or find yourself travelling to the States often as well, you can work out and have pool access by joining LA Fitness.


‘Combat’ Gyms

While most think about gyms regarding lifting weights and cardio movement, gyms that feature and teach combat sports can be great options for working out as well. They offer great ways to get in shape, build new relationships and learn to defend yourself in lessons that are rewarding and confidence building.

A Toronto kickboxing gym that offers group classes from top-tier coaches who offer creative and motivational classes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, you’ll enjoy fun fitness classes with a group of inspiring individuals. Big Hit features high energy and high-intensity classes that test your limits and give you a more exciting way to get in cardio, build and tone muscle, burn fat and learn some fighting techniques while doing it! It’s a great way to let loose and get out some aggression too.

A Toronto based gym that offers the ultimate cardio workout that uses a boxing foundation to provide a fun and unique training method. It’s taught by real fighters and boxing coaches and is the ultimate mix of boxing and fitness. You’ll burn calories, build lean and toned muscle, and increase your cardio all at the same time. Also, with the core and foundation in boxing, you’ll learn how to fight, work out some anger, and learn precise and accurate technical boxing skill. The discipline you learn in these classes will extend to your everyday life too, providing you with excellent results in all areas of your life.

A club started by women, for women, providing a comfortable environment for women to take various classes and workshops. Since 1996, Toronto Newsgirls has helped women get fit and learn to fight, and it even offers a class and program entitled “Shape Your Life,” built and designed specifically for survivors of domestic abuse and violence.


When you’re looking to get fit, your nutrition plan is just as important as your workout plan, and the easiest way to save time while still getting healthy, delicious and nutritious vegan and gluten-free meals, Activeats has you covered in Toronto and the GTA.

We offer delicious meals, with full nutritional information, so you can choose what you like, and have it delivered to your door in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. The best part? We cook them fresh, and all you have to do is heat them up!

You can adjust your plan on the fly, so you can find the right match for your needs, making it easy to have the right nutrition plan, to match with the right workout plan at one of these Toronto gyms, getting you into the best shape of your life!


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