Deciding what to eat each day, going grocery shopping with no plan and cooking meals can stressful for many. That’s why many choose to prepare their meals each week, providing a variety of benefits for those looking to maintain a healthy diet and plan out their meals day to day and week to week. At Activeats, we provide an easy way to enjoy the many benefits of meal prep and pre-made meals in Toronto, benefits that include:


Break Temptation

Meal prep can give so many benefits, and one of those benefits is your ability to ward off temptation. When you don’t have a plan of what you’re going to eat each day, and especially if you still need to cook your food, it’s easy to give in to your temptations and start messing around with your diet. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging now and then, you don’t want to go out of control, and meal prep helps you do that by pre-planning and preparing your meals ahead of time.

However, with great services like Activeats, it’s even easier, as you can enjoy meal plan delivery in Toronto! Your meals are prepped for you, meaning the hardest, though for many the most fun part, the mass cooking, is done for you! This means there’s even less temptation, as you don’t have to cook the food either, as we take care of that for you with delicious and healthy prepared meals delivered to your door!


Control What Your Eat

With meal prep, the control is entirely in your hands, meaning you determine what goes into the food, how you want to portion it and when to eat. By doing it ahead of time, you can continue to make healthy and delicious food, all while making appropriate portions.

With Activeats, you get to maintain that control, without the hassle of cooking. You tell us what you want, choosing the meal plan you want, the type of diet you need (full vegan and gluten-free meals) and we make it fresh for you, delivering healthy, pre-made meals in Toronto. We exclusively use fresh and exquisite ingredients to create the best meals, and all you have to do is heat and eat!


Reduce Your Waste

When you actively use meal prep for your weekly menu, another benefit for you and the environment is the ability to reduce waste. Many will end up wasting food due to extras, leftovers held too long, and just overbuying food. With meal prep, you learn exactly how much you need, and prepare everything to be eaten. This means there’s no need to waste food and that’s a win-win for you, and the world.

If you choose Activeats for your meal prep in the Greater Toronto Area, you never have to worry about wasted food, as there’s no chance of overbuying. With pre-made meals, you don’t have to measure anything, as you can choose what you want. It’s a great option for those actively conscious about wasting food for both environmental and financial reasons.


Manage Your Hunger

Managing your hunger is comfortable with meal prep, especially meal prep delivery, as you can control the portions so make it easy to eat as much as you want when you want it. You determine your menu, and you know yourself better than anyone else. By preparing all the meals ahead of time, you can portion each meal to leave you satisfied, without overfilling yourself. Or, with a variety of meal prep services, you can even have pre-made meals delivered.

All of our menus at Activeats include full nutrition info, so you can determine how much is right for you and choose the proper meals and plans that fit your needs. It’s easy to control your diet and your hunger when you get healthy meals delivered in Toronto from Activeats!


Save Time

One of the most significant benefits to meal prep is the time you save. Instead of spending hours each day deciding what to eat and what to cook for break, lunch, dinner (and depending on your health goals and body type, other meals or healthy snacks), you get to do it all ahead of time. This means that one day of cooking can cover you for the entire week and save all the time of decisions and the day to day cooking time. This frees you up for other things and makes your day to day life so much more efficient.

However, when you choose Activeats, you save even more time! Instead of sacrificing a day to do all your cooking, just let us do it for you by delivering your healthy ready-made meals in the Greater Toronto Area! We cook your food fresh, and then bring it to you, so all you have to do is heat it with your preferred choice and eat up! That means no day is sacrificed, and you only have to give up minutes, rather than hours, for your food needs each week.


Save Money

When you go grocery shopping without a plan, it’s easy to start throwing things your cart you don’t need and find yourself spending way more than necessary. It happens to just about everyone at some point and doing it regularly can start to get costly. However, if you know what you need, and how much you need, it’s much easier to begin controlling your costs as your only spend what you need to spend for that week. Meal prep is excellent for that, helping you target precisely your needs and only spend what you need to.

Groceries can get expensive when you live in the Greater Toronto Area, but Activeats is great for budgeting your food spending too! With fair and affordable prices for healthy ready-made meals and the choice of your meal plan, you choose how much food you need and determine how much you want to spend. With Activeats, it’s even easier to see exactly how much you’re paying per meal, making it easier than ever to budget your weekly and monthly food spending.


Reduce Stress

When you bring all these other benefits together, they all work hand in hand, including one additional benefit; stress relief. With meal prep, you remove various obstacles and issues that allow you to focus on other things in life. Having food delivered to your home is an additional way to remove more of that stress.

That stress relief is even greater with Activeats. We know how stressful grocery shopping can be in Toronto, which is why we provide prepared meals delivered to your home. No cooking, no shopping, no worries. We bring delicious vegan and gluten-free meals to your door, made with the freshest ingredients. With so many benefits, and so many stressors removed, it’s an excellent decision to choose Activeats for your meal prep needs!

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